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as the name might imply, are crossbred strains that combine the genetic features of both


Can be found in the majority of cannabis products. The difference in the plants would be that sativa is a long thin light-colored leaf, with a high level of THC (the psychoactive compound}, while Indica leaves would be wider and dark. Hybrid/Ruderalis leaves are short, with lower levels of THC.


provides a more sedating result, is best for daytime use and brings about a feeling of euphoria


allowing the consumer to be more creative, alert, energetic, social and cheerful. It is used, primarily, for relief from chronic pain. Also helps with: * anxiety *depression * increased focus *creativity *energy.


results in increased mental relaxation, causing feelings of sleepiness and general mellow sensation.


It is best suited for nighttime use as it produces an effect known as “couch sentenced”. Its contributions include: *muscle relaxation *nausea *relaxation *sleep

Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Located in Midwest City - Ok
Our goals are multi-fold: * To become recognized as a leading provider of high-quality Medical Marijuana products * To provide the highest standard of customer service within the Medical Marijuana industry * To offer coping solutions to customer’s medical issues to improve their quality of life
Marijuana Doctor
In order to become a LEGAL MARIJUANA patient, you must first have a qualified condition and be seen by a Board Certified and Medical Marijuana approved physician. Please click here to schedule and appointment with the Doctor.
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Customer Rewards Program
Here at Euphoric Leaf, we value and appreciate our customers. To show our appreciation, we offer a reward program, designed to be simple and easily redeemable! By JOINING our REWARDS PROGRAM you will earn two {2} points for every one dollar you spend each time you visit any Euphoric Leaf dispensary location. Sixty {60} points to be worth a dollar in Euphoric leaf store credit, redeemable toward any product you use.
Thanks to research and advances in culinary arts, Euphoric Leaf is able to provide high quality, gourmet food items, infused with THC and CBD {non psychoactive} properties Our DECADENT baked goods are made fresh daily. Edibles are considered a beneficial alternative to smoking. They are more potent AND more quickly absorbed through your digestive system. JUST REMEMBER: Don’t be a “cookie monster” with these highly potent products. A tiny piece is all you need to satisfy your needs for the next few hours.
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